Have you ever rushed to take your furry four-legged friend out for a walk and forgotten to grab waste bags and had to turn back to get them? Or left your keys behind? Or forgotten your phone? Or, perhaps, you went out for a walk and did not realize that you forgot waste bags until your dog did their business and you had to run back home to get them?

Introducing our signature product – the Dawggie GoPak.

If you normally stuff your phone in a pocket, tie a couple of waste bags on the leash and generally struggle with taking the basic necessities when you step out with your dog, then the Dawggie GoPak is for you!

The Dawggie GoPak is compact yet versatile. With separate pockets for your keys, your phone, ID, headphones, a handful of doggie treats, a roll of waste bags and more, it couldn’t be more convenient. By simply clipping onto the handle of a leash, it actually makes walking your dog a real pleasure!

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Accessorize your Dawggie GoPak with the following add-on items. Our accessories are exclusively sourced from NiteIze and are carefully selected to make outdoor activities with your pet safe and convenient.


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